Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

Mechanics and vehicle technicians are all too familiar with the term ‘time is money’ when stripping down and repairing a vehicle. Seized components can cause delays, especially when having to handle the issue with care, in order to prevent any bolts or components from breaking or shearing.

PlusGas is specially designed to quickly penetrate rusted and seized parts, to help you loosen them with little effort and preventing damage to the part. It can also be used to clean and remove grease and grime from vehicle parts, as well as displacing water moisture. Formula A is silicone free, so is completely safe to use in repair and paint shops. 

Where to use PlusGas spray:

  • Spray onto seized or corroded wheel nuts, to help loosen them
  • Spray onto stiff or seized locks or lock mechanisms, to prevent damage
  • Remove plugs and caps easily by applying PlusGas first
  • Allow PlusGas to penetrate into corroded circlips and jubilee clips, so they loosen easily
  • Spray onto strut mounts before removing them from the vehicle
  • Remove excess rust from spindle/steering knuckles with a wire brush and then apply PlusGas to make dismantling easier
  • Spray PlusGas onto moving parts on window regulators, to maintain free and smooth movement
  • Spray onto rusted axle nuts and spindles
  • Allow PlusGas to soak and penetrate corroded suspension bolts, before attempting to loosen and remove them
  • Remove cylinder head bolts and exhaust brackets easily, by pre-treating them with PlusGas first
  • Spray belt and pulley tensioners, to make adjustments and dismantling easier
  • Use PlusGas to lubricate and maintain vehicle door, bonnet and boot hinges
  • Spray onto swing arm and suspension mounts when dismantling and performing repairs
  • Suitable for use on all types of metal nuts and bolts, when loosening and repairing mechanical parts
  • Lubricate clutch and acceleration/throttle cables and mechanisms
  • Lubricate and maintain brake levers and mechanisms
  • Remove excessive grease and grime by spraying PlusGas onto the affected area and wiping the surface clean with a rag
  • Spray onto areas that are prone to atmospheric corrosion or moisture build-up, to displace and prevent moisture from forming
  • Clean and maintain workshop tools, to help prolong their life

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Where to use PlusGas liquid:

  • PlusGas liquid is ideal for soaking severely rusted and corroded parts, as well as removing grease and grime
  • Can be poured onto a rag and used to wipe over metal surfaces to prevent rust and water moisture forming
  • Clean and maintain workshop tools, to help prolong their life


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This list is not exhaustive and PlusGas can be used on all seized and/or corroded metal components when tackling vehicle maintenance and repair of mechanical components.

Please refer to the safety instructions and wear appropriate PPE before using PlusGas.  Take extra care not to spray PlusGas onto electrical components, brake discs, callipers and drums or any components that could easily work loose during operation and are critical to the vehicle’s safety.

Read our guide on how to use PlusGas and refer to the product datasheets for further details.

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