How to Loosen Rusted Bolts

Rusted bolts and screws

Whether you’re a mechanic working on a car or doing general maintenance and home improvement, finding a rusted bolt can be extremely frustrating. This is especially the case if you’re under pressure to fix something quickly.

Using PlusGas can help to prevent bolts shearing and having to drill and re-tap the hole. 

Rusty date boltTo avoid snapping the bolt in frustration, follow these key tips to safely loosen rusted bolts.

  1. Clean any residue off the bolt with a dry cloth or a small wire brush if it’s corroded.
  2. Spray PlusGas aerosol to the affected area and wait a few minutes to let it penetrate deep into the rusted bolt.
  3. Select your preferred tool, such as a 12-point socket, to apply a gentle tightening motion.  Then begin to loosen the bolt as normal.
  4. If it doesn’t work itself loose, apply more PlusGas aerosol or soak it overnight in PlusGas liquid so the formula can penetrate for longer.
  5. Once the bolt has become loose and has been removed, dry any residue off the bolt with a clean cloth. This is especially important if the bolt is going to be near heat or ignition sources.
  6. Use a wire brush to remove rust from the thread, starting with the end of the thread working backwards. Be careful not to scratch the surface or damage the thread.
  7. Finally, spray the bolt again with PlusGas aerosol so it forms a waterproof barrier to prevent anymore rust or corrosion forming in the future.

By following these seven simple steps you can be confident in loosening rusted bolts without breaking them.