History of PlusGas

Developed over 60 years ago in 1953, PlusGas was launched to serve the growing DIY culture in Britain, as many developed their skills and adopted the attitude of ‘make do and mend’ following the second world war.

1966PlusGas became a household and workplace favourite, with a can of PlusGas becoming an essential tool in the mechanic’s garage or engineer’s workshop.

Over the years, PlusGas was developed into both a liquid and aerosol formula, to help make tackling seized components and corrosion easier and more effective.

Although much has changed in 60 years, PlusGas has remained true to the original ‘Formula A’ and is still used on a wide range of jobs and applications and is just as effective. Today, our DIY culture has evolved to focus more on sustainability and ensuring we don’t send items to landfill unnecessarily.  PlusGas is now once again supporting the new ‘fix it’ culture, to ensure we all get the most out of our items and look after them so they continue to last for many years to come.

Vintage tin1953PlusGas Formula A was launched. With a “Fix it” culture in Britain, repairing rusty tools to car parts after the rebuild of Britain from WWII, PlusGas became the essential tool for the garden shed and mechanics garage.

1960 – PlusGas Formula A was such a hit, Formulas ‘B’ ‘C’ ‘D’ & ‘E’ were introduced.

1969 – As The Company decided to introduce the “Jet Aerosol” can for easy application

1979 – PlusGas started its own Racing team in F4 and FF championships with the LP1 FF1600, PLP4 FF2000 Len Wimhurst cars and F4 Delta IRF4. The drivers at the time were: Paul Wimhurst, Damien Magee, Tim barry & Richard Piper

Today – Widely used in different markets, from vehicle maintenance to DIY, and is stocked in well-known distributors.