General Maintenance, Repair & Engineering

General Maintenance, Repair & Engineering

All machinery requires continuous maintenance and repair to keep it running effectively over its life time. Seized parts and rusted bolts can cause machinery to become inefficient and cause delays in production lines if not fixed.

PlusGas is an essential item for your toolbox as it’s specially designed to quickly penetrate rusted and seized parts, to help you loosen them with little effort and preventing damage to the part.  

Where to use PlusGas spray:

  • By removing work debris and lubricating components, such as chucks and spindles, on angle grinders and electric drills, it will maintain and enhance the life of your tools.
  • It can be used to lubricate equipment and moving parts, to maintain smooth and efficient movements.
  • Clean and maintain tools by spraying PlusGas onto the tools and wiping them clean with a rag.
  • Once you’ve cleaned tools after use, spraying PlusGas will minimise any risk of rusting and pitting on surfaces, such as screwdriver shafts and pliers.
  • PlusGas is ideal for outdoor tools and machinery as it provides a waterproof barrier by displacing moisture.
  • Spray onto areas that have excessive grease and grime, which needs to be cleaned before inspecting.

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Where to use PlusGas Liquid:

  • This is ideal for large seized and severely corroded parts, such as large bolts connected together that require soaking in a waterproof container.
  • The liquid will also clean and de-grease large parts and tools.

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