DIY & Home Improvement


It often feels like the list of home improvements is never ending and there’s always something that needs fixing.

PlusGas spray is ideal for routine maintenance inside and outside the home and keeping your DIY tools in top condition so it’s ready when you need it.

Where to use PlusGas spray for DIY:

  • Ideal for routine maintenance on rusty and seized machine fixings, locks, hinges, latches, bolts and chains.
  • To loosen screw threads, use PlusGas spray to penetrate and circulate inside the jammed component to free it.
  • Use PlusGas to penetrate and dismantle corroded and rusty lawnmower parts to repair it yourself and save money on replacements.
  • It also be used to clean metal parts, such as grease on bike chains.
  • Use PlusGas on outdoor tools for a waterproof barrier to minimise future rusting.
  • PlusGas is non-staining so can be used as a lubricant on metal work connected to both wooden, light coloured or plastic surfaces, as any residue can be wiped away with a damp cloth.
  • Easy to apply with minimal mess and wastage as overspray is avoided.


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