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Construction workers know all too well that the quality and performance of their tools and machines, impacts on how quickly and effectively they can get the job finished onsite.

PlusGas is an essential part of your tool kit in order to keep your tools and machines in top working condition. Use PlusGas to perform general maintenance on machines such as masonry saws, floor saws, compactors and even smaller tools such as angle grinders and hand tools. Spray PlusGas onto surfaces which are covered in grease and grime, to help clean and maintain machines and tools.

PlusGas is also ideal for use in domestic and commercial repair jobs.

If moisture is becoming a problem and causing parts to rust, then use PlusGas to displace moisture and leave a protective film to help minimise rust from forming.

Where to use PlusGas spray:

  • Spray onto seized scaffolding bolts, to help make erecting and dismantling scaffolding quicker and easier
  • Spray onto hinges and moving parts of machinery, to maintain smooth and consistent movement
  • Spray onto metal hand tools, such as spanners, before wiping clean with a rag to clean and protect for future use
  • Pre-treat stiff and seized brass fittings, valve fittings, flue support clips and fastening clamps on plumbing jobs, before attempting to loosen and remove
  • Spray onto stiff window and door hinges
  • Spray onto vehicle door and bonnet hinges, to prevent rust and maintain smooth movement
  • Use on stiff or seized door locks, padlocks and tool chest locks, to prevent damage and breakage from occurring
  • Spray belt and pulley tensioners, to make adjustments and dismantling easier


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Where to use PlusGas Liquid:

  • This is ideal for large seized and severely corroded parts, such as large bolts connected together that require soaking in a waterproof container
  • The liquid will also clean and de-grease large parts and tools

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