PlusGas Aerosols


PlusGas spray

PlusGas aerosols can be sprayed to penetrate and dismantle seized rusted and corroded metal parts. Save precious time and energy by preventing sheared bolts and screws, as well as damage and breakage to moving metal parts. PlusGas can also be used to clean grease and dirt build-up and can be used as a water-repellent to displace moisture. Ideal for mechanics, engineers, plumbers and DIYers. 

Choose your application to find out how PlusGas can be used.

  • Silicone free
  • Penetrates quickly to release seized or stuck metal components
  • Cleans grease and dirt build-up
  • Displaces water moisture
  • Suitable for use on coated, rusted and untreated metal
  • Comes with a traditional spray nozzle and precision straw

Available in:

Size Article Number
200ml 07660704893
400ml 07660704894